RF 19 Warm up days – Day by Day Recap

Roskilde Festival has battled its way through the first four warm-up days. The RF19 Vlog team made some epic little videos to give the homies at home an idea of what they are missing:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Streetart RF19

The first images of the wonderful art on the Roskilde Festival grounds are coming in. I don’t have the name of the artists yet, but will fill them in as I find out!

Artist: Tonek (Instagram)

Artist: Skyhigh
Artist: Stine Hvid (Instagram)
Artist: Balstroem (Instagram)

Bring me the horizon

Bring me the Horizon, often referred to in its abbreviated form BMTH, has gone through a process of healing after mental illness and addiction got the better of leadsinger Olive Sykes for a while.

In the song Drown he describes the feelings he went to during that time, begging “don’t let me drown”. His pain speaks through in verses such as:

It comes in waves, I close my eyes
Hold my breath and let it bury me
I’m not OK and it’s not all right
Won’t you drag the lake and bring me home again

Later on in the song he admits he can’t do it on his own. Luckily he has found a way to ask for help and climb back out of that dark place.

This period of soulsearching and recovery also had its effect on the band’s music, that has become a little less dark and a lot less grundgy, making them more accessible for the mainstream. Of course not all fans were equally thrilled but that was a sacrifice they were willing to make to remain sane and healthy on the long run.

During their recent performance at Dutch festival Pinkpop they had people of all ages going out of their minds when they played their hitsong Throne. It looked like this:

All though they may have introduced a more Green Day-ish sound to their rock and taken a step away from Pantera or Darkest Hour, there is still enough moshpit energy to go around.

The official Roskilde Festival website describes their new sound as follows:

Their sixth album Amo has just been released. It’s about love, not the highs but the pitfalls. BMTH is still a band who refuses to stand still nor rest on previous achievements. The album holds an odyssey of diversity in sound (cue rock, pop, dance, rap), and their singles “Wonderful Life” and “Mantra” prove that the band is still fully capable of delivering an exciting mix of hard rock and modern metal with muscular sounds, thunderous riffs and soaring choruses. BMTH has an innate ability to stay one step ahead – and this means that the future remains theirs.


Isabel Lewis is a dancer and choreographer, born in the Dominican Republic, raised in the United States and currently based in Berlin. She has been referred to as a “multisensory artist”, believing that dance is not a visual art but one that requires more awareness and feeling.

In a an interview she did with SCHIRN, she describes her artform as follows:

I spent many many years trying to figure out how to arrive at another kind of format, where dance could be experienced in a more sensual, more embodied way. This is, what I feel is a bit closer to dancing. And I think this is kind of what lead me down the path of eliminating any idea of a stage and creating these immersive environments a single performer, in this case, moves around the space and is very close, physically close to the visitors

Dance with her, dance with your friends, dance with strangers. Tune in, feel, hear, look. Follow your instincts. There is no right way to do it.

Her performance at the brand new Ambereum stage will be one you can actually be a part of, in every sense of the word.

All though she is scheduled to perform on three consecutive days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) there is little chance that the experience on one day will be the same as the next. The dynamic depends on the crowd, the mood and the inspiration of the moment. An exciting experiment!

Silvana Imam

The non-Scandinavians among us may have not gotten the memo yet, but Silvana Imam is one of the strongest voices in Nordic hip-hop of this moment, which earns her the right to open the Orange Stage at RF19.

She has won countless awards already, filled concert halls of all sizes and been the focus of a biographical documentary in 2018. She is an outspoken lesbian, bron to a Lithuanian mother and Syrian father. This makes her a controversial figure to some. And that is before she has even said a word.

When she does speak, she raises complex issues and taboos. Nobody is safe from her critical eye and sharp tongue. And then the beat kicks in.

In an interview with VICE from back in 2015, Silvana said

“I write songs about my life, and since I write through a lesbian-immigrant-woman’s perspective, it’s labeled as “political.” I’m letting people know how fucked up the world is through my art.

This is about my life and my own survival in this patriarchal and anti-democratic world. A woman who writes love songs to other women causes immediate chaos in most peoples’ minds? 

That is something you should question. and not whether I’m political or not.”

Excerpt from VICE magazine interview – 22-2-2015

Are you ready to do some hip-hop soul searching? Are you ready to bounce to some grimey -isms (Feminism, Racism, Activism, Genderism)? Grab your freinds and head to the orange stage, before 6 PM on Wednesday 3-7-2019!

Not many people have enough persona to pull off a two letter stage name. MØ has no trouble in this department.

Her bubbly youthful party songs easily get stuck in your head. They are summer roadtrip songs to sing along to with your friends

In a recent collaboration with Foster the People we saw a darker version of the forever young songstress.

Of course the Orange crowd will be going wild for her smash hits, like Final Song, Get it right and the Lean on.

Christine and the Queens

Roskilde’s Arena is bound to be jampacked to its full capacity on Wednesday 3-7-2019, when the French electropop sensation, Christine and the Queens, is set to hit the stage.

The band blasted into the limelight with their acclaimed debut album Chaleur Humaine, featuring the mesmerizing song and choreography video Saint Claude.

The hitsong’s inspiration came from a scene that leadsinger and songwriter Héloïse Letissier witnessed on a busride in Paris, when an excentric looking man was mocked and pointed at in a hurtful manner. During her performance in Glastonbury in 2016, Heloise spoke about the effect this had on her:

I did nothing, I felt like a coward, and I decided to write him a love letter afterwards, because to me, that boy was really beautiful. I never knew his name – because I didn’t do anything – so I decided to give him one. I decided to call myself Christine whenever I’m on stage to feel a bit bolder, and I decided to call him ‘Saint Claude’.

Since that day she has become an ambassador to all the non-conforming misfits, the freaks and the outsiders. At the same time she remains accessible to the masses of the mainstream, inviting them in and reminding them to keep their hearts open to the excentric ones. “Chaleur humaine”. meaning human warmth or empathy, is key.

Luckily we enough of that to go around at Roskilde Festival!

Christine and the Queens has gone through a bit of a metamorphosis since the beginning, setting out on an exploration of identity and gender in the most recent album Chris.

What does it mean to be a woman? What are a woman’s desires? What is allowed (and should you give a shit)? All of this and more is poured into the band’s most recent music and choreography.

Chris and the Queens will be performing shortly after midnight, which feels like an appropriate time to get your freak on. Smack on some glitter, put on your happy pants and your dancing shoes. It’s bound to be awesome.


SØN is a band that takes pride in representing Denmark by singing in their mother tongue. Even for non-Danes their easy listening pop tunes remain accessible and fun to listen to.

Søn consists of five band members who basically just want to make music and have fun. Sounds like they will be where they belong, when they climb the Rising stage at RF19!


If you work hard to become superduper flex, you might reach the level of flexness of Kevin Yoros. That would make you FLEX-LIKE-KEV.

FLEXLIKEKEV is a hip-hop artist who grew up in London, but moved back to Denmark, a few years ago. It turned out his birth country was yearning for the dark and gritty sounds of the London underground.

Roskilde Festival added the lightning-bolt icon to his performance, which promises some moshpit action and some high energy bouncing.

He’s fresh to the scene and ambitious to make his way up the ladder. Catch him at the Roskilde Countdown stage on Tuesday 2-7-2019 at 15:3o.

Streetartist: Frida Stiil Vium

Her style breathes magic realism, as she blends together flora and fauna in mandala style pieces.

She’s been travelling the world and seems to have been getting inspiration from all the right places. And now, she’s on a mission to bring color to the world and smiles on people’s faces with her social initiative Project NADA.

I remember Ms Stiil Vium, aka NADA, from previous festival editions. At RF18 she made quite an impression with the stunning pink composition found below. People couldn’t stop taking pictures of it. And rightfully so!

Photo: François Debains (@ue_cph)

So heads up to all of you who have tickets for Roskilde Festival 2019; she has now confirmed she will be attending once more. So keep an eye out for her pieces around the terrain and make sure to send her some kudos on Instagram!

See more at: http://fridastiilvium.com/