RF17 – Anticipation – A, B, C

Going through the list of artists that will be at Roskilde festival this year in alphabetical order, one of the first artists that really caught my attention is Alsarah & the Nubatones.

Alsarah is the lead singer, born in Sudan and true to her roots by singing primarily in her mother tongue. Her “Tiny Desk Concert”-performance gave me a nice overview of her music and her fun spirit.

Next I was stopped in my tracks by this song by Norwegian singer Ary. There are not a lot of tracks of hers on YouTube, but her live performance at Norwegian talkshow Lindmo has got me enthused. Her song “the sea” is another song I love and recommend.

A Danish band that caught my attention, was described in the Huffington Post as follows:

Electrifying beats paired with Schneider’s orphic vocals lead the listener down an entrancing aural path that could even charm the likes of Hades. Its slow, rhythmic movement is melancholy yet electrifying, beating with the pulse of a body at rest. When meaning is removed from the lyrics, I can indulge in the unique intonations of the Danish language, following along each lilt, timbre, and inflection that oozes from Schneider’s vocal reeds. Though it becomes a solely sonic experience, that does not change its emotive powers.

The group is called AyOwa and the song below is currently their best known track.

Baiana System immediately got my knees twitching when I put their music on. They have a unique sound that is described on the Roskilde website as “a modern take on one of the world’s first electric guitar styles, guitarra baiana, which is also the name of the diminutive four-string axes they use to play it.”


No clue what that means, but I would love to see them perform it live!

A band that I can already imagine raising the roof and getting everybody swinging their butts off is the South African band BCUC. Not sure why, but the singer kind of reminded me of Freddy Mercury…

Then something completely different. Despite the ominous name, Cancer actually has a very dreamy, summer-campfire-worthy sound. Give it a click!

That is as far as I got in the list. I hope to give every band on the list a quick listen before the festival starts, all though I know that planning is useless. Not just useless, it also takes away from the fun of walking passed a tent and thinking: “Hey that sounds interesting… Let’s check it out!”

And what I remember liking the most about last year were precisely those performances that I had read nothing about but ended up having an absolute blast at.

A little more than two months to go!


Author: Epi B

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. - Albert Einstein

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