RF17 – Anticipation – Big Fish @ Roskilde Festival

Besides Foo Fighters, who I already mentioned in a previous Roskilde Anticipation – post, some pretty big names have been lined up to play in Roskilde next week.

Let’s talk ’em through:

the Weeknd

This guy really is the shit, imo. He’s an innovator who hasn’t disappointed me yet. All though no two songs are the same, every track he makes (or collabs on) is unmistakably him. My current favorites must be his collaborations with Daft Punk, but his new song is interesting as well.


the Lumineers

Ho Hey is probably their best known song, but I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of that one. Can’t explain what I dislike about it…it’s just a tad too slow, or something…

Anyway, I love their latest song “Angela”, which you can listen to below and I hear they are awesome live performers. We’ll see!

Rag’n’Bone man

I’m super excited about the possibility of seeing this guy. He’s such a wonderfully strange combination of looks and sounds. His eyes and voice are sensitive and soulful, the rest of him is rough and uninviting. I’m sure some people would mistake him for the bouncer at a gig and not the performer.

Needless to say though, I am really eager to see him as on stage! I actually only know one or two of his songs though, with Human being the most famous:


Icona Pop

This female party duo is best known for “I love it” featuring Charlie XCX. Let me know if you disagree, but their music kind of reminds me of Katy Perry’s tongue in cheek attitude. I have no doubt they will raise the roof in Roskilde!


Oh lord… She’s quite something isn’t she…? It’s so easy to dislike her and I haven’t quite made up my mind about where I stand. Some of her songs have definitely made their way into my playlists, specifically Tennis Court and of course Royals, which was an instant classic.

I’m not quite sure about her new song though. Actually no, I think I’m OK with the song. It’s mostly the video that got on my nerves, and more specifically her mouth… And she has something Björkie about her, don’t you think?


Even without her last name on the billboard, it’s almost inevitable; we all want to compare her to her big sis, even though she is so very different. If we are going to compare her to anyone though, Solange’s sound is more like Erykah Badu or India Arie than Beyonce. It’s not all easy listening, but very much worth it, in my opinion. I hope to see her!

the XX

In all honesty I haven’t really listened to or looked for the XX in the last five years, but loved their first record, that came out in 2009, with tracks such as Crystalised and Islands. They just released a new album though, called “I see you”. Their first single is called “On hold”, which is what they seem to have been in the last few years. I hope they do well!


Residente may not directly ring any bells with most people, but all Latin Americans will look up when they hear his name. This guy accompanies me on many of my jogs, with the reggaeton move-you-butt kind of songs he made in the past. His lyrics were often very sexual bordering on “ew”, sometimes weird and kind of funny (which made the first two characteristics acceptable somehow).

Lately his songs have been a bit more female friendly but at times, still really really weird. If you are up for it, click play below:

The moral of this story is, “chill out, we are all abnormal somehow”. A message that is very much in Roskilde Festival spirit, me thinks!


Author: Epi B

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. - Albert Einstein

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