RF18 – Artist wishlist

When the sun came out again after Roskilde Festival 2017 was over and we were re-charging our batteries in our friends’ garden, I was asked which artists I would like to see live in next year’s edition of the festival.

My boyfriend went first and said Cat Empire, Manu Chao and Moby. I was not in a very creative mood and couldn’t think of any other band than Coldplay, but after a couple of days home I think I can do better than that (all though I would most def love to see Coldplay live one day).


A little less than a year to go. Let’s make a list!


Natalia Lafourcade

I grew up listening to legends of Latin American folkloric music like Mercedes Sosa, Violeta Parra, Victor Jara, Silvio Rodriguez and Caetano Velozo. I carry them with me in my heart and mind and if you want to see me tear up, catch me off guard with one of their songs and you will see my European heart turn soft and mushy and emotions bubble to the surface that I usually keep tucked away in a private locker in my soul.

Natalia Lafourcade is an artist that can now be added to that list.

In her newest production, Musas, she interprets old and new folkloric Latin American songs and boy-oh-boy is it good… She makes me wish I could play an instrument so I could join in.

To all of you that understand Spanish, I totally recommend you watch the Musas documentary.


This woman is underrated, if you ask me. Not only does she write all her own music but there is always such a positive vibe and message in every thing she does. And her voice… her voice!

If she hasn’t stolen your heart yet, watch her sing this Stevie Wonder song with Blue Miller on guitar.


Roskilde Festival often has artists performing that not only make good music but that also have a message to share. Chambao is a band that would fit in perfectly for this reason.

Take their song “Detalles” for example. In this song La Mari, the lead singer, describes her wishes to live a more conscious life, helping others and overcoming her fears.

In Papeles Mojados, which translates to wet documents, she sings of the shadows at sea, boats filled with stories, dreams and expectations of which many might never reach the shore.

The chorus, translated freely, is as follows:

Many don’t arrive. Their dreams are drowned.
Wet documents. Papers with no owner.


All though their music goes perfectly with a hot summer day or as soundtracks for a roadtrip, there are valuable messages hidden in the lyrics that should be taken in mindfully. Good stuff for a deep conversation with friends by the bonfire.


My Portuguese isn’t very good, but that’s not even really necessary to feel the chilled out vibes this band emits. And all though the view in Roskilde will never be quite like the one in the video below, I think the atmosphere would be able to make up for it.

I can  already see them jamming it out at the Avalon stage.

Imagine Dragons

Thinking of headliners, I think I would put Imagine Dragons pretty high on my list. Their songs are great sing-a-longs and have the right amount of energy to make them jumpable. They just released a new album, so by next year they are bound to have a decent amount of hits to perform. My personal favorite song must be Demons but their new song Thunder is pretty catchy, too!

Bruno Mars

Because… why not, right? Let’s just dream big. Have you seen his Carpool Karaoke with James Corden? If not, please do and then tell me you wouldn’t love seeing him perform live…

His lyrics sometimes make me nauseous (either too sweet or too douchey) and the way he chooses to dress and carry himself are things I would usually frown upon. But I can’t deny his songs make my knees bob and the tunes get stuck in my head. And he does seem to have a good sense of humor, which makes me forgive the pimp-look.


I’ve been obsessing about this woman forever. I’d die happy if I’d see her live. Nuff said.


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