David Byrne

His name did not ring a bell with me immediately but his songs -classics such as Psycho KillerBurning Down The House and Take Me To The River,- definitely did.

He climbed the stage at Roskilde for the first time in 1979 and will be back for the fourth time in 2018 “to give you the hits, beats and gems of his back catalogue, including Talking Heads, solo material and other projects.”

At age 65, he is not only active as a musician but is still very much in the loop with the latest technology and innovative ideas, such as virtual reality applications in theater and science. He is also an activist for environmental causes and has written a book called Bicycle Diaries.

All though you may think you know what David Byrne’s music sounds like, a recent music playlist he posted on his Mixcloud account may surprise you.

He named the playlist One Year Later, referring to the President Trump’s one year anniversary as president elect. In Byrne’s own words:

The presidential election in the U.S. was a year ago. These are some of the pop songs I’ve been listening to in recent months as this strange anniversary approaches. These are artists who for the most part are working in the world and format of contemporary popular music but are often pushing at the boundaries of what that means. Some of them are pushing quite hard, trying to rewrite the rules. Others more or less accept the rules and accept the challenge of working within those restrictions.


something tells me some of this music relates to how these artists are feeling in the world these days. The tone can be hopeful, yearning and is often a source of solace.

That his playlist includes St. Vincent may not be a surprise, considering their collaboration in past years. Other names,  such as Lorde, Arcade Fire, Michael Kiwanuka, Sylvan Esso and alt-J,  may give us an indication of what we can expect of him at RF18.



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