Street Artist: Dan Leo

Dan Leo’s contributions to Roskilde Festival grounds brought quite a fairy tale atmosphere to the area. In 2016 he brought several large colorful cut outs of animals that would spy at you from between the trees.

In his own words:

Maybe coming from Ireland, in the later part of my life, has kind of injected the whole appreciation for nature and stuff. A lot of my work, most of it will be character based. A lot of the time it will be based around animals and plant-life, and things.

It’s always a little bit hard to pin your style and describe it. Well I find it hard anyway. I certainly like to try and go for the most clean kind of stuff, that I can get. These real nice sharp lines, is what I really try to do. You don’t necessarily have to do the most detailed thing in the world. Sometimes it’s just a good thing to keep it simple and punchy.

Watch him at work:

Some of the pieces from RF16:


To see more of Dan’s work, visit:



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