Nick Cave

Nick Cave’s songs and concerts have a dark feel to them but when he speaks to his fans, he isn’t afraid to get up close and personal. A review from a concert he gave in London last October, describes the following:

This sell-out show, however, was surprisingly uplifting. Euphoric, even, at times. Far from cutting the sorrowful figure of an isolated man consumed by sadness, Cave took on the role of a quasi-religious leader, reaching out to hold hands with fans and ignite their emotions into a life-affirming fire of furious sound. During “Higgs Boson Blues”, he urged them to feel his heartbeat through his shirt – connection was the overarching theme of the night.

nick-caveBecause I am not a true follower of Caveism just yet, let me quote Rolling Stone magazine here, to paint you a better picture of his recent work:

The band is still touring in support of its excellent 2016 album, Skeleton Tree, which it recorded after the death of Cave’s 15-year-old son Arthur. The singer allowed filmmaker Andrew Dominik to make a documentary about his grieving process, One More Time With Feeling, that would replace his need to do interviews. As a way of side-stepping the traditional press machine, Cave is also going on an unconventional tour in May where he’ll be taking questions from fans and possibly playing some music.

Additionally, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds recently held a one-night screening of the film Distant Sky, which documented the band’s rousing concert in Copenhagen in an arena where he welcomed fans onstage during the encore and sang to them. The group has not yet revealed if and when it would be releasing the film for home video.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds is the kind of band a lot of people won’t want to miss out on, so make sure to head to the stage early if you want to get a good view!


Author: Epi B

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