Dua Lipa

At only 22, Dua Lipa is a force to be reckoned with and I can’t imagine there are many people out there who have not heard (of) her. She was the most streamed female artist on Spotify last year and the first woman to be nominated for five Brit awards earlier this year.

A recent article in Elle magazine praises her “raw, honest lyrics” and the empowering character of her songs. According to the magazine, Dua Lipa herself describes her cathartic heart break songs as ‘dance crying’.

Her voice is warm and husky, a personal trademark once singled out for being too low when she auditioned for the school choir. Now, though, her mature, soulful tone is the reason she’s become the most-streamed female artist in the UK.

Read the full Elle article here.

You can listen to some of her best known songs below. All versions are live versions, so you can get an idea of what she might sound like at RF18!

First off: IDGAF


In this slow ballad, she describes something many artists on tour must feel at some time, Homesick:

This empowering heart break song is a great sing-a-long tune and a hit for the festival season:

This “golden oldie” from 2016 that helped skyrocket her into stardom, Be the One:

Her newest song with Calvin Harris, One Kiss, is currently taking over the European charts and will definitely have everybody dancing their feet off in front of the Orange stage, on the last day of the festival.

I’ll be having to make some choice on the Saturday as the RF18 line-up is so bloody awesome, my blood pressure is rising just thinking about it. So there is a real chance I might miss out on Dua Lipa’s performance.

I’d love to read the reactions from people who did see her at Roskilde 2018 though, or any other show she did recently!




Author: Epi B

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