Charlotte Gainsbourg  wears her music like an armor, giving the painful messages of her lyrics a danceable beat to make them more bearable.

An excerpt from an interview Charlotte Gainsbourg had in April 2019 with Under the Radar gives you a brief insight in her roots and motivation:

For a long time, the actor and daughter of French music hero Serge Gainsbourg and British fashion icon Jane Birkin had hesitated about releasing another record with which she felt comfortable. She was cautious about writing songs herself, and, more so, about writing lyrics in French. Her 1986 debut album, Charlotte for Ever, was written by her father in French and released when she was 15.

But on her three solo albums as an adult—2006’s 5:55, 2009’s IRM, and 2011’s outtakes and live album Stage Whisper—Gainsbourg had sung in English, with lyrics written by the likes of Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker, Air, The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon, and Beck. “My father died when I was 19, and that meant I couldn’t think about music without him. I put the music aside for 20 years, and then very gradually understood that I wanted another experience with music. But I was really tip-toeing, and the idea of writing in French was for me impossible just because of the comparison to my father. I put him on a pedestal.”

But the death of her sister, fashion photographer Kate Barry, left Gainsbourg craving to write about her childhood. This was always going to be an album of intimacies, and for that, she needed the French language. “I felt that it was easier to write verses in French because I wasn’t trying to be musical, I was just pleasing myself with the words and the meaning. Sometimes it felt crude.”

This is what she sounds like in French:

This dark pop vibe she has going on, definitely works for me and I think the Avalon stage will be a perfect setting for it!


Author: Epi B

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